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Valid from 15.10.2020

SPARK Hub premises are rented on the basis of an advance payment and the lessee agrees to the following conditions when paying the advance payment:


  • A door-card is used for entering the building. The person to whom the door-card has been issued is responsible for the preservation of the property in the rooms. Passing on the door-card to other persons is prohibited.

  • It is forbidden to leave the front door open and unattended.

  • The use of café premises without the consent of the café owner is prohibited.

  • SPARK Hub is not responsible for the wardrobe and personal belongings left in the rooms.

  • Catering is prohibited in the SPARK BizTown seminar room.


Rights of the lessee of the premises

  • Carry out an event in the SPARK Hub premises as agreed in the booking confirmation letter.

  • Reposition the furniture in the rooms. The original layout must be restored when leaving.


Obligations of the lessee of the premises

  • The organizer of the event is obliged to use the premises carefully and in accordance with the purpose, taking into account the interests of other visitors and tenants of the Building; use the public areas of the Building prudently and follow the fire safety, security and other safety rules applicable to the use of the premises and/or the Building. The event organizer also undertakes to ensure that its visitors follow these rules and procedures.

  • Vacate the premises at the agreed time in the condition in which they were handed over.

  • Report immediately any accident, fire or other danger to the leased property on the premises, taking immediate measures to prevent harmful consequences or to eliminate the consequences that have already occurred.

  • Compensate for the damage caused to the premises or the equipment located in them as a result of the activities of the lessee in the full amount of the damage.

Obligations of SPARK Hub

  • Hand over the premises to the lessee at the agreed time and in a suitable condition;

  • Provide services agreed in writing to the user of the premises and ensure the availability of the necessary equipment or personnel.

SPARK Hub representative rights

  • Check the purposefulness of the use of the premises and adherence to the time of use.

Obligations of the visitor

  • Comply with general and fire safety regulations.

  • Be polite and behave with dignity.

  • Smoking, alcohol or drug use on the SPARK Hub premises is strictly prohibited, as well as attending events under the influence of these substances.

In case of non-fulfillment of the above obligations and/or damaged and/or destroyed property, SPARK Hub has the right to file a claim for damages with the lessee of the room. The amount of the claim depends on the amount of damage caused. The calculation of the claim is submitted to the lessee of the premises together with the invoice of the claim and is not subject to contestation.

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